"Kinologprofi Cup - 2018"
July 19-22, 2018, Brest, Belarus

Of International IPO-3 Competition (CACIT)
Dates: July 19-22, 2018
Rank (status) of competitions: International competitions (CACIT)
Location: Brest, stadium «Locomotiv»
Full and abbreviated name of the host organization: Public organization Brest city kynological center «Fauna» / OO BGKC «Fauna»


I. Aims and Objectives

1.1.The competition is held for the purpose of further popularization and development of the international type of dog training and for promoting it among various kynological organizations, as well as for defining the strongest and most promising competitors from the various kynological organizations of Belarus and exchange of experience between the leading dog-training sportsmen dealing with IPO.
1.2. The competition is held on the IPO-3 program as per the approved timelines in accordance with the Schedule of BCU sport competitions for 2018, “Regulations for the FCI international championships”, “Guidelines for international trials for working dogs (IPO)”, effective from 1st January 2012 according to the FCI Board Resolution, ratified by FCI Board from April 13, 2011 (Romе).
1.3. The competition is open for entry by all dog-training sportsmen from the kynological organizations within BCU, dog-using representatives of ministries and institutions related to BCU, representatives from the CIS states and other FCI member countries.
Within the framework of the competition an individual and team championship on IPO 3 is to be held. The individual championship will be evaluated according to “Guidelines for international trials for working dogs (IPO)”; rules of team championship are described in part “Evaluation of the team competition results” of these Regulations.

II. Requirements to the competitors

2.1. The competition can be accessed by dog-training sportsmen at or above the age of 14 years, with dogs of any breed with pedigrees acknowledged by BCU and FCI. A dog shall be no younger than 20 months. The age of a competitor shall be determined as at the year the competition is held in, and the age of a dog shall be determined as at the day preceding the competition date.
2.2. A tattoo or a microchip is a must. If the dog has a non-standard microchip, the owner shall provide the necessary scanning equipment.
2.3. Every dog shall have a working scorebook with positive IPO-2 or IPO-3 results and a copy of diploma or temporary or permanent certificates. If the dog has IPO-2 qualification, it is able to get the IPO-3 qualification during this championship and take part in rank evaluation and obtain the title.
2.4.Veterinary control is held on the 19th of June 2018. Address: Brest, Tihaya Street 2, stadium «Locomotiv». Every dog shall have a veterinary certificate (Form №1) and a veterinary passport with the indication of vaccinations against infectious diseases. Antirabies vaccine is a must. The dog shall be vaccinated not later than 1 month prior to the competition date. Sick dogs, females awaiting puppies or lactating females are not allowed to compete. Females in heat may be admitted to the competition on general terms under their starting number.
2.5. One dog may be handled by one handler only. One handler is allowed to compete with not more than two dogs.
2.6. In case the participation of both dogs of the same handler is drawn for the same time, the handler has to choose which dog will participate and which one will be withdrawn from competitions with apologies. This decision is to be brought in writing to the attention of the Secretariat and the Head Judge not later than time of official beginning of the competition. The entry fee for the withdrawn dog is not returned.
2.7. In the case a competitor who competes with two dogs is eliminated for the violation of the competition rules by his own fault (e.g. rough handling, unethical behavior, inability to test the skill of a dog due to the lack of the necessary equipment, violation of regulation) he shall not be entitled to carry on his performances with the other dog, and all the scores gained by him shall be considered null and void.

III. Entry form

3.1. Entry forms shall be submitted on a preliminary basis (form is described), by 12st of July 2018 (registration may be closed earlier in dependence on amount of dogs per one judge). Entry forms shall be submitted on the web site cup-k9profi.com under Registration or forwarded by e-mail to: k9cacit@gmail.com.
Applications may be submitted personally signed by the handler or by the club, signed and stamped by the head.
The following shall be included to an entry form:
- Photocopy of the pedigree;
- Photocopy of the dog exam certificate and a qualification scorebook;
- Proof of payment of the entry fee.
3.2. An official catalog shall be issued based on the submitted entry forms. Dogs not listed in the catalog are not admissible.
3.3. Dogs scorebook is mandatory. Prior the competition start the competitors shall present a qualification scorebook and will receive it back, with all the scores filled in, upon the end of the competition.

IV. Organizers and location

4.1. BCU imposes the general administration of the preparation and carrying out of the competition on the Public organization Brest city kynological center «Fauna» / OO BGKC «Fauna» as the “Organizer”. The Organizer of the competition shall form an Organizing Committee to generally administer, prepare and carry out the competition. The competition is carried out at the expense of sponsors and partly – on the competitors’ entrance fees.
4.2. Location: part A - agricultural fields in Brest region; parts B and C - the stadium "Locomotiv", Brest.
4.3. Organizing Committee of the competition: Kanaeva S.G. - Chairman of the organizing committee, Shidlovskaya E.S. - Chief Secretary, Murashkina G.A.
4.4. Contacts: +375297263478 (Chairman of the organizing committee), +375293382672 (coordinator). E-mail: k9cacit@gmail.com

V. Regulations

5.1. The Competition Panel of Judges:
Main Judge: Igor Lengvarsky, Slovakia, FCI Judge (CACIT)
Judge of part A: Igor Lengvarsky, Slovakia, FCI Judge (CACIT)
Judge of part B: Tero Oravasaari, Finland, FCI Judge (CACIT)
Judge of part C: Igor Lengvarsky, Slovakia, FCI Judge (CACIT)
Judge of down under distraction: Aplevich Tatiana
Responsible for holding of competitions: Galina Safronova
Chief secretary: Elena Shidlovskaya
Chief coordinator: Natalia Kanberg
Helpers: Peter Micuch (Slovakia), Peter Licak (Slovakia).
Track coordinator: Kindruk Alexey (Belarus)
Track layers: Anastasia Orlova (Russia), Sergey Starovoytov (Russia).
5.2. Programm:
July 18, 2018 – participants arrival, judges committee;
July 19, 2018 – official warm up, registration, opening ceremony, drawing, giving of starting numbers;
July 20, 2018 – competitions;
July 21, 2018 – competitions;
July 22, 2018 
– competitions; awarding, closing ceremony;
July 23, 2018 – participants departure.
The program may vary depending on the number of participants.
5.3. Accommodation
1. Booking through contacts of hotels and cottages from the official web site www.cup-k9profi.com
2. It is possible to book apartments.
5.4. Entering fee
Entering fee is 50 euros in belarussian rubles (at the rate of National Bank of Belarus on the day of payment) per each participant (handler + dog).
Entering fee is to be transferred to the Organizers bank account during entry registration.
In exceptional cases, for foreign participants it is possible to pay the entry fee based on the letter of guarantee. The guarantee payment has to be made no later than July 19, 2018, when registering for the event.
Dog owners who have preliminary registered their dogs for the competitions but haven’t paid the entrée fee during registration are to pay it within the end of the competition. Otherwise the handlers and their dogs can be disqualified for 3 years for all BCU/FCI events. Entering fee is returned only in case of dog’s death, juridical confirmed.
Entry fees can be spent on activities necessary to ensure the competitions goal.
5.5. Reporting about competitions
Within fifteen (15) working days from the date of completions end the event organizer provides a full report on the event to BCU, including:
1. Act about location accordance of the competition;
2. Report of the Chief Judge;
3. Start List;
4. Competitors catalog in 2 copies.
After the competition organizer is obliged to pass the competitors or their representatives a copy of the start list with the results of the competition, stamped by organizer.

VI. Appeals and disqualifications

6.1. According to the statement of members of the judging panel and members of the organizing committee of the competition BCU and FCI may disqualify in all events with the cancellation of the results:
- handler - for cruel treatment of dogs, unethical behavior on the territory of the competition (exam), provocation of dogs fight, etc.;
- dog - for bites, inflicted to competitors and the audience, uncontrollability, aggression, etc.
6.2. At all official BCU events it is prohibited to use electronic and prong collars as well as any other devices that may harm the mental or physical health of the dog. In the case a competitor does not observe this rule he shall get a warning, if the rule is further ignored by the competitor he shall be disqualified.
6.3. The judge's decision is final and not subject to appeal. Any criticism of the rating may result an indication to leave the event location, as well as disciplinary action.

VII. Evaluation of the individual competition results, issue of titles and certificates

7.1. Individual championship shall be evaluated by the top total score gained by a competitor during the competition, provided that IPO-3 standard is achieved. In case of the points equality the priority shall be given to a competitor who gained a higher number of points during protection then obedience and tracking. If one place is got by several competitors then the following places shall be awarded to two competitors then the 3rd place shall not be awarded).
7.2. Titles CACIT and R.CACIT can be given only to dogs with evaluation not less than “very good” and who have won first and second places and fulfill the “Specific rules about the CACIT” according to “Regulations for the FCI international championships”
Assigning of CACIT and R.CACIT titles is made by judge instructions in accordance with “Regulations for the FCI international championships”.
- If during CACIT event several dogs have received the same number of points, to choose a winner a method should be used which is set down in the rules for the National championships in the country where the event take place.
- If these rules do not provide such possibility, the dogs that tie for the first place have to take part in one or more tests until one of them wins more points than the others. If possible, the tests shall consist of a combination of all the exercises making up the trial; otherwise, dogs will go through each exercise in turn, in the order of the program, until one dog has obtained more points than the others.

VIII. Evaluation of the team competition results

8.1. Each team should have no more than 5 participants. The team must be registered no later than July 13th, 2018 by e-mail to: k9cacit@gmail.com. The application for registration of the team must specify:
- Team name;
- Name of the captain;
- Team members (names of participants and dogs names indicating the program IPO-3 or IPO-1).
8.2. Team member could be a IPO-1 or IPO-3 participant. The handler may be a member of only one team.
8.3. During evaluation of the team competition results the points of only 3 team members are taken into account, who scored the qualifying points and showed the best results.
8.4. During evaluation each team member who competed in IPO-3 gets 30 extra points to the sum of teams points.
8.5. In case of the teams points equality the priority shall be given to a team who gained a higher sum of points during protection then obedience and tracking.

IХ. Winners Awarding

9.1. The winner of the individual championship is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.
9.2. The handler and dog taking the second place is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.
9.3. The handler and dog taking the third place is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.
9.4. The winner of the team championship is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.
9.5. The team taking the second place is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.
9.6. The team taking the third place is rewarded with a diploma, cup and memorable prize.